A design and branding studio based in Brisbane, Australia, inspired by authentic, refined & creative design. Founded by Ashley and Chelsea, Nashi Creative began organically after the pair who met at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), designed a few websites & logos for friends. As a small team, Nashi Creative is able to offer affordable, high quality work for clients with a variety of backgrounds and needs. 




With a background in Marketing and Fashion Communications, Chelsea's expertise began in graphics and fashion marketing. Chelsea has worked for a range of fashion businesses including Adrift and Dissh where she has been responsible for coordinating, shooting, retouching & editing photoshoot & video campaigns, email marketing, graphic design, and more. Chelsea's skillset has been swiftly transferred across to a range of other industries for Nashi's clients. Chelsea's strengths lie in branding suites, logo creation, photography, videography, graphic layouts, social media, and creative ideas.


After studying Marketing & Fashion Design, Ashley has taken a more business focused pathway, working as a Marketing & Operations Assistant and now Brand Manager for The Goodnight Co., an ecommerce wellness retailer. This experience has allowed Ashley exposure to a range of marketing functions and she is responsible for website design, packaging design, email marketing, graphics and more. Ashley's strengths lie in web design, digital illustration, brand strategy, brand identity, and account management.